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  1. The quotation is produced with as much detail as possible to avoid any misunderstanding. If something is missing that you would like to include please let me know and I will revise the quotation accordingly. Any additional works found necessary are to be agreed by an amount or time period with client and a separate revised or extra contract will be provided.
  2. Estimate/quotation is inclusive of VAT.
  3. An estimated commencement and completion date will be agreed before commencement.
  4. Dates and programmes of works can be effected by weather conditions, building control, extras, alterations, delivery dates or tradesman on other projects. If the builder/tradesman cannot complete the agreed works on time because of any of the reasons an extension to the agreed period will be agreed within a fair and reasonable time.
  5. Both contractor and client to agree practical arrangements on working methods that provide minimum disruption to the client and allow work to be carried out effectively by the contractor.
  6. Free access is required for delivery of building materials, plant machinery, skips etc.
  7. All building and other materials provided by the main contractor or the sub contractors remain the property of Woodstock until full and final payment is received via bank transfer or cash.
  8. Any faulty workmanship and or materials must be notified to the builder/tradesman as early as possible. The builder/tradesman must be given the opportunity to inspect and, if deemed necessary, request an expert’s report to qualify problems and faults. If found to be as recorded, then the builder/tradesman will repair or replace materials or work as required.
  9. Manufacturers' recommendations will be followed and the customer must adhere to any necessary recommendations.
  10. Any materials supplied by the customer must be delivered to the premises and checked by the customer prior to incorporating into the agreed work. Any delay caused by the customer supply may be charged for.
  11. Access to and collections of used and unused building materials, equipment and plant etc remain in place until full and cleared payments received.
  12. The customer will supply all necessary water and electricity for the carrying out of the agreed work without charge to the builder/tradesman.
  13. Accepting a quotation either verbally or in writing and agreeing to the commencement of works will allow these terms and conditions to come into affect.
  14. The main contractor being Woodstock may employ both direct and sub contract labour on site. Each individual contractor will oversee all works to completion and takes full general and operational responsibility in the running of any contract agreed with client.
  15. Payment of invoices can be made via bank transfer or in cash and a receipt for payment will be given. Bank transfers details will be provided. Payment in full is due upon day of completion of the contract and presentation of the associated invoice. Part payments, interim payments and deposits may be agreed prior to commencement of works or during contract duration. Payment plans are used as a guideline for funds during the duration of works, payments maybe requested either before or after date suggested depending on schedule of works.  24 hours notice will be provided for any payments.  Payments are to be received by 10.00am on day requested.
  16. Insurance and public liability is provided to the sum of £1,000,000.00. All general building practices are covered within our insurance policy. A copy is available upon request.
  17. The customer is to notify their insurance company of the work to be carried out before commencement of the agreed work.
  18. The agreed work is guaranteed against proven faulty workmanship for 90 days. If fault lies with the client then it can be repaired at an agreed cost.
  19. Materials will be covered by the materials guarantee or warrantee.
  20. In the event of converting a 'gravity fed' low pressure heating system to a pressurised system, Woodstock can not be held responsible for leaks which occur on old/existing pipework once a new system is commissioned. Clients must enter into this situation with the knowledge that additional work may be required to repair/replace older pipework, if problems arise.
  21. No responsibility is taken by Woodstock for the perished or rotten timber or any other perished or rotten materials in existing structures such as doors, windows and frames whether detected or undetected at the time of contract.
  22. Extras will only be undertaken further to both full discussion with client and verbal or written agreement and charges at the agreed rate.
  23. No concrete work, brickwork or plastering and/or external works such as rendering, slab laying or decorations will be carried out if temperatures are below 2 degrees or below.
  24. If the client has sought and gained local authority approvals prior to commencement of the agreed works. Copies of all relevant permissions and approvals are to be forwarded to Woodstock prior to commencement and agreed works.
  25. If Woodstock has sought and gained approvals prior to commencement of the agreed works copies must be provided to the client or if sent to the client provided to Woodstock.
  26. Party wall: if the act applies then it is the responsibility of the customer to follow the correct procedures. The builder/tradesman will not accept any responsibility for any delays caused.
  27. It is the customer's responsibility to comply with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 if they apply. The builder/tradesman will not accept any responsibility for any delays caused.
  28. Woodstock will endeavour to employ a helpful and considerate attitude at all times and will always attempt to bring the building works to a satisfactory conclusion and at a high specification as soon as possible taking into account weather conditions and availability of specialists materials and unforeseen circumstances etc.
  29. Any other cover by agreement with the customer.
  30. Woodstock will provide skips for certain projects. These skips are hired by Woodstock for rubbish removal from the client's project and will have been costed only for this rubbish. Client's rubbish or rubbish from other tradesman shall not be put in the skips; clients or other tradesman will be charged for using the skip.
  31. All deposits are non refundable. The deposit is to secure the works, book tradesman, where applicable cover architect drawings and fees, structural calculations building control costs, local authority planning costs and cover all administration costs.
  32. No financial or bank details will be discussed by email for the protection and security of our clients and Woodstock Refurbishments. No monies will be refunded or accounted for if paid via any form of email communication. Details will be discussed over the phone and confirmed in paper format sent to the clients address. If any transfers or payments are lost, defaulted or fraudulently taken we will take no responsibility unless you were told to do so by Woodstock Refurbishments.
  33. If a client holds back on any payments throughout the build or at the end of the build than any warranty/guarantee will be forfeit.